As a birth doula I am your pregnancy and birth advocate. I believe in your natural ability to give birth and hold space for you to do this. I specialize in helping you create a birth plan that honors your unique birth intentions i.e. informed discussion of relevant interventions, music, lighting, number of people present, etc. I provide continuous labor support. I am trained in special breathing, meditation, and labor comfort measures. I know and can suggest different positions based on what you’re experiencing. I am a hand to hold (or squeeze!), a shoulder to cry on, an objective ear, a kind face, and a constant presence throughout birth.

Having medical support  does not mean that your physical and emotional needs are being met. Maybe you’ve hired a midwife or obstetrician to provide medical care, you’ve decided which family members you’d like present, but you also want the support of an experienced birth professional who will foster the birth you want by making sure you feel as comfortable, informed, and supported as possible - this is my role as your doula. 

What is a Postpartum Doula? 

The role of the postpartum doula depends largely on the needs of the family after birth. Examples of support provided by a postpartum doula include newborn care - help with bathing, changing, sleeping, and feeding, providing respite to the mother and parents so you can rest, shower, eat, etc., light housekeeping, light cooking and snack preparation, checking in to see that all of your needs are being met, that your questions are answered, that you're feeling supported, rested, and hydrated. As your postpartum doula I am prepared to provide education, basic breastfeeding support, and provide referrals when necessary.



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