“I can’t thank Amanda enough for everything. My family keeps calling her the guardian angel and it’s true! I’m so blessed she was there. I feel like she is part of my family now. I couldn’t have gotten through those two days without her. She was amazing!” Jessica, birth client

“I am very happy that I was able to work with Amanda, for many reasons. I felt a more personal connection with her from early on. This was important to me because birth is such a powerful and personal experience. Amanda's personality is a great combination of gentleness and strength and she is very passionate about the birth process and experience. Throughout my pregnancy, Amanda helped me stay calm and centered, focusing on the positive, and providing me with useful resources to alleviate my anxiety. Amanda was always supportive and kind and I felt her unwavering desire to help me achieve the birth that I desired. During the birth itself, Amanda was wonderful. She tuned into the energy of the room and was there to offer encouragement, wisdom and suggestions for pain relief. She was supportive to both myself and my husband and worked with the staff at the hospital to advocate my wishes. In the end, my birth was a beautiful experience and I know that she played a significant role in setting the stage and enabling me to believe it was possible for me to have the birth experience that I wanted.” -Pamela, birth client

“We hired Amanda to be our doula for our first baby. From the first meeting, she listened, asked questions, and offered advice when I asked for recommendations. She was always available and proved to be a wealth of knowledge, answering my millions of first time mom questions. We ended up having an unplanned home birth. Amanda was there from the start, coaching me through intense contractions and acted quickly when she realized I wasn't going to make it to the hospital. She called a local midwife and together with my husband they helped me deliver a healthy baby boy at home with no complications. She was calm under pressure and helped give me (and my husband) the strength to get through a stressful nerve-wracking situation. I was looking for a strong birth coach, Amanda is that while also being kind, patient, confident and calming.” -Skylar, birth client

“We met Amanda for the first time while my partner, Anna was in the middle of active labor at UCSF.  Due to a quick decision to induce a day after Christmas, our back up doula was unable to attend once our primary doula timed out. We needed someone who could jump into the deep end quickly. There was no awkwardness about Amanda's first moments in the room. She was immediately easy to communicate with, she quickly got up to speed on our preferences, and knew how to deal with our different personalities right away.  There was a confident calm to her presence that inspired trust. At UCSF we didn't have doctors impatiently checking on us at all times (something we preferred) which made the reassurance of a doula that much more important.  The simple knowledge that you are okay and that there is no need to panic is priceless for first time parents.  At each stage, Amanda would give us options, but never second guessed or judged our decisions. Those simple reminders of what is possible, like navigating Anna to the tub when it seemed like she couldn't move, were invaluable to us. At the very end, when our baby girl June surprised us all by making a grand entrance as Anna was trying to sit still for an epidural, Amanda was the one to catch her.  As doctors flooded into the room, Amanda then managed to document all the adrenaline and bliss that followed. Thank you Amanda!” -Rebekah & Anna, birth clients

“Amanda was so comforting and supportive during our birth. She was a miracle-worker during contractions and knew just what to say and do to relieve the pressure. When my son's hand got stuck in the birth canal and we had to make a decision about whether to proceed to a C-section, Amanda offered great perspective and helped make the unexpected adjustment more seamless. She got into the operating room and got the most amazing photos of our birth and our new family! Thanks Amanda!” Sarah & Elan, birth clients

“I really believe that having Amanda at our birth allowed us to have the birth experience we were hoping for. I knew early on that I wanted to work with a doula, because I had never experienced a birth before and because I didn't know which doctor in my OB group would be at the delivery, which made me feel uneasy. My husband and I both wanted someone familiar there to comfort us, guide us, and tell us things were normal! After interviewing quite a few doulas, Amanda stood out as kind, warm, caring, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable. She was available to us throughout the pregnancy for any questions we had, and gave us great advice for the early stages of labor. On the big day, she helped us labor at home for a long time. Without her, I'm convinced we would have gone to the hospital much sooner, where I would have been uncomfortable and tempted to use pain medications that I was trying to avoid. At home and in the hospital, the emotional and physical support she gave us was absolutely priceless. Her presence gave me strength and confidence when I thought I couldn't do it anymore. She worked together seamlessly with my husband and the nurses to form a wonderful team. As I've been writing this reflection of our birth, I of course remember the challenge of it all—but I mostly look back with joy and gratitude. I truly believe this is thanks, in large part, to Amanda. We would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend her (in fact, we already did, and our friends are working with her, too!).” -Megan, birth client

“Amanda became my friend first and then my doula. She is a wonderfully calm and strong presence in general and those strengths of hers became even more apparent in her role as my doula. She showed up to the birth of my third child (home birth) and I immediately felt more relaxed knowing I was in good hands. She made me feel comfortable, gave me strong counter pressure on my back during contractions, reminded me to drink and guided me in breathing through the contractions. It was my best birth experience of all three births. She really kept me calm and made me feel empowered throughout knowing she had full confidence in me and unconditional love and acceptance of my birth journey. We feel truly blessed to have had Amanda at our birth and I will definitely use her again for future births! Thanks Amanda for being such an amazing support during my birth and postpartum period.” Devorah Leah, birth client

Even with a complicated twin pregnancy and birth, Amanda was able to provide the exact support that I needed. My husband and I developed a great rapport with her and she was a vital part of our experience. My delivery ended up being a C-Section, and Amanda helped me feel good about making the best decisions for myself and our girls without any doubt, concern or guilt.” Sharon, birth client

“Amanda's caring, warm personality is just what we needed during our most vulnerable moments. She helped us focus and provided just the instruction we needed. She captured the first moments of our daughter's life on film, to boot!” Sheryl, birth client

“I feel incredibly lucky to have come across Amanda at the start of my first pregnancy. My husband and I were planning a home birth and knew we wanted someone to support us through the unfamiliar terrain of childbirth. After interviewing Amanda, we knew we had found a good fit. Throughout my pregnancy, Amanda was there for me. I would send her email updates whenever I had something to share, and the way she replied always made it clear she was interested and cared. She encouraged me to reach out without seeming to pry. It's very important to me that I feel comfortable with my care providers, and by the time we got to our first prenatal visit, I felt like Amanda knew me and my particular set of experiences and concerns around labor and birth very well. Having Amanda with us through labor and birth was wonderful. As soon as she arrived (at 3am!) and curled up next to me on the couch, I felt more confident. Her quiet encouragements and affirmations, along with her vigilance about keeping me fed and hydrated, kept me going. Having her there also took a lot of pressure off of my husband, which I know he appreciated. She has a way of anticipating needs and being right where you need her while still blending into the whole experience. Amanda kept up her high level of spot-on support all the way through our postpartum visit, checking in occasionally by text in the interim. At our last visit, I was able to talk freely about my experiences during and after the birth with someone who had been there but also felt like a friend. Such an unexpected treat! I'm sure Amanda is great in a hospital, but I can only say that she absolutely shines in a home birth setting. I highly recommend her services!” -Erin, birth client

“Amanda brings a fantastic balance of energy and calm to what can be a very daunting moment. My labor was definitely not easy, but Amanda made me feel more confident and helped me make it to the end medication free.She also does a mean hip squeeze!” -Molly, birth client

"We were incredibly fortunate to have Amanda as our doula. She simply knew how to comfort me in ways that I didn't know I needed and was a source of great support. She was invaluable at our birth." Pam, birth client

"We had the birth I had always dreamed of having and I owe it all to Amanda! Yes, I know I did all the work, but she was there to support me, guide me, and offer her wisdom of reassurance to keep me going! Our original intent was to have a home birth, but with our current living situation we didn't think that it would be the most calming environment. Knowing that we would be delivering in a hospital where they would offer interventions, and try to persuade me into having the birth they wanted me to have, I knew we needed to have another fighting voice on our team. Amanda was that perfect voice! During our first meeting I instantly felt cared for and protected, and like I was sitting with an old friend. I knew it was a perfect fit. This being my first birth, I really did not know what to expect. Amanda was there to offer her insight, knowledge, and experience to keep me calm, empower me, and give me the confidence that my body knew exactly what to do.  She had many resources to prepare me for what the doctors would try to get me to do during my pregnancy and those resources allowed me to be educated on what I wanted to say yes to and what I would nicely decline. She also has many tips and techniques to stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the birthing process.  With Amanda and my husband by my side, I was completely taken care of and able to just concentrate on just the task at hand, which was to relax and enjoy bringing my beautiful healthy baby into this world.  And when I hit my wall, and was convinced there was no way I could do this, Amanda was there to actually listen to me and offer comfort and advice that gave me the strength to continue. Knowing I could trust her, I was able to not let my self doubt take over and keep going!  Having Amanda there during our birth allowed my husband to just offer his love and support and not worry about having to "coach" me through it. In the end, we had the most beautiful, perfect for me birth with NO interventions in a hospital!  Proving to me and others that it can be done!  We will be forever grateful for Amanda and how she empowered me during the birth of our first son! We are also very sad that she will not be there for my future births as we are moving across the country, although I am not opposed to flying her out to North Carolina so she can be there! Thank you Amanda! Forever grateful" - Karen & Chris, birth clients

“Amanda is an amazing doula. She has such a calming presence and she knew exactly what to do and when to help me manage the pain. Having no family around, Amanda really helped with my stress level! I would love to have her for our next pregnancy!” Emilie, birth client

I can say without a doubt that I had an incredibly positive birthing experience and Amanda played a big factor in this.  She was super encouraging and supportive throughout it all that I never became scared as things progressed.  She was super informative and created a nice environment (through music, scented oils, and decorations) to give birth in.  Even several staff remarked how much they enjoyed these changes.  I would highly recommend her to anyone and if or when I'm pregnant I would be calling her again.” Arleen, birth client

“Amanda was a wonderful doula, and we're so happy we selected her to be a part of our birth team. Since my husband and I were new at everything, we didn't really know what to expect. Having Amanda with us every step of the way helped alleviate my anxieties and provided much needed reassurance. Amanda was always so approachable and she has a wonderful calm, compassionate demeanor and a great sense of humor at just the right times. When my discomfort was at it's peak, Amanda was so great at suggesting different comfort measures - laboring in different positions, using different essential oils, taking a shower, pushing my hips together and I don't know what I would have done without her help and doula intuition! And when I decided to have an epidural towards the end of my labor, she didn't judge my decision and was completely supportive. For anyone considering a doula, Amanda was amazing and I highly recommend her.  She walked us through the birthing process and prepared us mentally and physically as much as is possible for the birth of our first child. From the moment labor began, Amanda was attentive and helpful.  At the hospital, she teamed up with my husband and made the birthing process as good as it could have been through multiple comforting measures.  She advocated for me during the birth process.  And she never left my side. Twenty hours later, our daughter was born. There's no question, we would hire Amanda again!” -Kelsey, birth client

“My husband, mother, and I cannot endorse Amanda enough. She is completely knowledgeable in all things pregnancy, labor/delivery, and babies. While she may have her own thoughts/beliefs on an "ideal" labor/delivery, she is fantastic about never letting that on. She wants YOU to have the labor/deliver YOU want and will do what you ask of her to help you get there. Her professionalism and commitment are unparalleled. What is more, she is incredibly warm, genuine, and can put anyone at ease. I have no doubt in my mind that my son's birth would have been beyond scary if Amanda had not been in my corner. We had to throw my birth plan out the window because my son had his own thoughts on how he wanted to be born. Nonetheless, she did an amazing job of making sure the spirit of my birth plan was honored. We have all fallen in love with Amanda and know you will too!” -Martina, birth client

"Amanda has a special touch. Her care and support was so important during my very long labor. She was always there helping me with all the smallest things. During the toughest times, she was cheering me on and kept me fed and sane. It was just a comfort to have Amanda around and am so grateful that she was part of my birth. I highly recommend her to any mama." Johanna, birth client

“Amanda was a fantastic doula and has now become part of our family.  She supported me, my husband, and our 3 year-old daughter through pre-natal appointments and the birth of our 2nd daughter.  Amanda made the day of the birth fun for both my husband and me.  Some of the things Amanda contributed to our birth included bringing decorations and essential oils, telling my  husband and me hilarious stories while we were trying to get labor to speed up, helped me think through the decision (wise in retrospect) not to receive antibiotics during labor, despite Strep B positive tests, encouraged my husband not to leave the room for a phone call when active labor was beginning, held my hand through pushing, lent a calm, knowledgeable atmosphere to the birth, made me feel supported throughout the birth and after, proactively reached out to schedule postnatal time with both the baby and my daughter so that I could tidy up the house and actually shower without interruption." Amanda, birth & postpartum client